Terms and Conditions


These general conditions apply to all sales of goods from ArcticZymes AS (hereinafter called “ArcticZymes”) through the ArcticZymes’ webshop.

Ordering process

Upon placing an order in the Webshop, an order receipt will be sent immediately to the e-mail address the buyer provided upon registration. If there are any discrepancies between the order the buyer placed and the details in the order receipt, ArcticZymes must be notified immediately.

Binding Agreement – Price

After reviewing the order, ArcticZymes will issue a formal order confirmation to the buyer by email. This order confirmation will also include the scheduled shipping date and chosen shipping method.

Binding agreement is considered entered into when ArcticZymes in writing confirms an order. Upon changes in costs, currency exchange rates or duties /public fees during the time from the order confirmation to the delivery, ArcticZymes is entitled to adjust the price in accordance therewith. If the buyer does not accept the new price, he can cancel the order without liability provided he does so immediately.

These terms and conditions for sale, or parts thereof, can only be changed by entering into a separate agreement or additional agreement. Upon receipt of the order confirmation, the buyer is considered to have accepted these conditions unless a written notice is made immediately.


Transfer Of Risk

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is FCA (Free Carrier) loading port (Incoterms 2010), and the risk for the goods passes to the buyer at the same time. (View chart for more details).

Alternative agreed terms shall be stated in the order confirmation or invoice. If the buyer does not take relevant steps for the goods to be received upon delivery, he is liable for all costs involved in taking care of the goods. The buyer must be prepared for the eventuality that terminal owners or carriers destroy uncollected goods.


Orders are normally shipped within a week after order placement, and the shipping costs vary based on whether the destination is Europe, US & Canada or the rest of the world. The final shipping costs are stated in the last stage of the online ordering process, before the buyer submits the order. These freight costs are added to the order.

ArcticZymes’ products require shipping on gel ice/dry ice and standard shipping method is through courier (DHL/FedEx). The buyer has the option to ship on their own courier account, and no freight costs will be added to the order if this option is selected.

Orders are shipped from our logistics centers in the US and the Netherlands depending on arrival destination.

Customized orders are shipped from Tromsø, Norway.

The Liability Of Arcticzymes

Information in respect of goods does not represent guarantees or warranties, unless this is specifically stated in the order of confirmation.

ArcticZymes’s liability for faulty goods delivered is absolutely limited to redelivery of the quantity of goods shown to be faulty, free of cost to the buyer. The buyer has a duty to examine goods immediately upon delivery. If any discrepancies are discovered, ArcticZymes must be notified in writing without undue delay and no later than three days after delivery. Alleged faulty goods shall be returned to ArcticZymes or be secured upon instructions from ArcticZymes. If the goods are shown to have been faulty, ArcticZymes will cover the return freight.

ArcticZymes does its best to supply goods as long as they are being produced and stocked. ArcticZymes is nevertheless not liable for any consequences of delay. The buyer may, however, terminate the purchase agreement by written notice if the delay is more than 45 days from the delivery date set out in the order confirmation.

ArcticZymes has no liability for injuries caused to buyer or third parties or damage to this property or other injury/damage due to use of the goods.


Orders are prepaid, unless otherwise agreed.


Regular customers may have an invoicing option in the agreement.

Normal credit time is 30 days unless otherwise agreed. Alternative agreed terms shall be stated in the order confirmation or invoice. In case of late payment the buyer must pay 9,75 per cent default interest per annum, calculated for the delayed period.

The invoice will be sent to the buyer by email upon shipment of the goods. For deliveries that pass a customs border, the original invoice will also be included with the shipping documents that accompany the package.


ArcticZymes has a lien over the goods until they have been paid. Until the goods have been paid, they may not be used or disposed over in any way which may cause ArcticZymes to lose the legal protection for this lien.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights – Onwards Sale – Representation

The buyer has no rights whatsoever to use technical information he may receive with the goods for any other purpose than the use of the goods in the buyer’s own production. The buyer is not entitled to sell goods purchased without ArcticZymes prior written permission. The buyer may under no circumstances pretend to represent ArcticZymes.


Goods can only be returned after written agreement.