Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase

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Developed at ArcticZymes, first launched in 1993. Originates from the Arctic Shrimp (Pandalus borealis), from 2010 it has been produced as a recombinant version (rSAP). rSAP is better suited than native SAP (nSAP) for newer, more sensitive technologies.

Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (rSAP) has become one of today’s most-selling DNA modifying enzymes due to the added convenience through a complete heat inactivation. While most other alkaline phosphatases (from E. coli or Calf intestine) must be removed by extraction procedures, rSAP is completely inactivated after 15 minutes at 65°C. rSAP works well in common buffers without the requirement for other additions.

Main advantages with rSAP

  • Very high specific activity
  • 100% heat-inactivated at 65°C
  • Removes 5’-phosphates from DNA, RNA, dNTPs and proteins
  • May be added directly to restriction enzyme digests
  • No vector purification necessary
  • Requires no supplemental zinc or other additives for activity
  • Works directly in many different buffers
  • Easy treatment of unincorporated dNTPs in PCR products prior to DNA sequencing or SNP analysis


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