SAN High Quality 2.0 (Bioprocessing grade)

Quantity Product information Article no. Price
Pack size: 25 kUConc.: 25 - 30 U/µl #70940-202 Request quote
Pack size: 500 kUConc.: >250 U/µl #70940-150 Request quote
Pack size: 5 MUConc.: >250 U/µl #70940-160 Request quote

SAN High Quality 2.0 is the second generation of our SAN High Quality enzyme. SAN HQ 2.0 offers wider compatibility with downstream processes used in bioprocessing workflows while exhibiting the same salt tolerance and other biochemical characteristics as SAN HQ.

The main advantages of SAN HQ 2.0

  • High activity at high salt conditions
  • High purity (≥99%)
  • Easier removal
  • Active at low temperatures
  • Detergent free
  • No protease detected
  • Animal origin-free production
  • Endotoxin-tested