PCR Decontamination Kit

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Pack size: 100 rxn #80400-100 107
Pack size: 500 rxn #80400-500 431

The PCR Decontamination Kit removes contaminating DNA in PCR master mixes, without reduction of PCR sensitivity.

  • The double-strand specific property of the dsDNase allows decontamination with primers and probe present.
  • Efficient for end-point PCRs and probe based qPCR mixes, and for some SYBR based qPCR mixes.
  • Contaminating bacterial DNA is reduced to levels below detection limit.
  • Flat NTCs!
  • The sensitivity of the PCR is not affected.
  • Fast and easy protocol.

Kit Contents:

  • DTT (Inactivation Aid)
  • dsDNase


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