M-SAN High Quality

Quantity Product information Article no. Price
Pack size: 25 kUConc.: 25-30U/µl #70950-202 562
Pack size: 200 kUConc.: > 250U/µl #70950-120 Request quote
Pack size: 500 kUConc.: > 250U/µl #70950-150 Request quote
Pack size: 1 MUConc.: > 250U/µl #70950-155 Request quote
Pack size: 5 MUConc.: > 250U/µl #70950-160 Request quote
Pack size: 12 x 8 Strip plate
#70960-001 635

M-SAN High Quality for Bioprocessing is a nonspecific endonuclease that is highly active at physiological conditions. M-SAN High Quality can be used directly in cell media, which can improve efficiency and yield in various workflows.

The main advantages of M-SAN High Quality

  • High purity (≥ 99%)
  • No protease detected
  • Animal origin-free production
  • Endotoxin-tested
  • High activity at physiological salt and pH
  • Supplied with extended product documentation
  • Compatible with M-SAN HQ ELISA