ArcticZymes AS receives Grant of Protection for the trademark Heat&Run® in Europe, Japan and Norway

ArcticZymes AS, a subsidiary of Biotec Pharmacon ASA (TICKER: BIOTEC) has received Grant of Protection for its European (CTM), Japanese and Norwegian trademark applications for Heat&Run®.

The allowed trademarks will be used for branding the Heat&Run® gDNA Removal kit and related technology concepts. The Heat&Run® kit is one of the new products in the overall range of novel ArcticZymes AS products sold globally. The Heat&Run gDNA removal kit is based on the recombinant heat labile dsDNase (HL-dsDNase) from ArcticZymes AS, which is irreversibly inactivated at low temperatures, thus considerably improving existing PCR protocols. With the parallel approval of this trademark in several main jurisdictions, ArcticZymes AS has now a comprehensive trademark protection for this concept in many countries. The related US-trademark application for Heat&Run® is still pending, in addition to main patent applications filed to achieve protection for the HL-dsDNase itself.

ArcticZymes AS has by adding these trademarks to the already filed patent applications for the active enzyme in the kit, further improved its strong proprietary position within the research and diagnostic field. These trademark approvals will enable ArcticZymes to secure its finished products and open the path towards commercialization of this exciting technology.