Arcticzymes presenting at Genomics Research 2012 Conference

This week ArcticZymes is presenting two posters at the Genomics Research 2012 Conference in Boston, Massachusets, USA.

The titles of the posters are

Heat-labile dsDNase Treatment for rapid and complete removal of gDNA from RNA-preparations without affecting quality and quantity of the RNA transcriptome

Normalization of Full-length cDNA libraries using double-strand specific DNase

Click on the above links to view each poster.

Both posters show the use of ArcticZymes innovative and unique enzymes solutions in two major applications; Gene-expression studies and Next-Generation-Sequencing. We show that our unique enzyme technology easily can be implemented in the workflow of these applicatons adding additional value and convience to the user.

The presentation of these two posters is the first step in the development of two new kits adding more products to the ArcticZymes portfolio. These kits is expected to be launch in the second half of 2012.