ArcticZymes new product launch to serve the bio-manufacturing market segment

ArcticZymes has today launched its SAN HQ ELISA immunoassay product which is targeted towards the bio-manufacturing market.

ArcticZymes business has largely focused on serving the molecular biology and diagnostics markets. Serving the bio-manufacturing market is a new direction for ArcticZymes in its efforts to expand into other relevant segments. Through its unique products, ArcticZymes enter this market with a strong value proposition to companies and institutes who are manufacturing viruses for gene therapy, vaccines, proteins and other bio reagents.

In combination with the SAN HQ enzyme released earlier this year, the new immunoassay product provides a complete solution for the critical elimination of DNA contamination during bio-manufacturing. Compared to current technologies used in the market, ArcticZymes innovative solution offers bio-manufacturers the opportunity to better streamline their manufacturing processes and benefit from cost savings. This launch is in line with ArcticZymes strategic initiatives presented at the Capital Markets Day and will be a key factor in achieving both short and long-term sales growth.

“We are excited to evolve our business into new markets where our unique technologies can have a major impact. The bio-manufacturing market opens up a great opportunity for ArcticZymes to engage and grow business with a new customer base” says Jethro Holter, Managing Director, ArcticZymes AS.

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