ArcticZymes named “Biological Supplier of the Year” by Thermo Fisher Scientific

ArcticZymes, a subsidiary of Biotec Pharmacon, announced today that Thermo Fisher Scientific, world leader in serving Life Science, has awarded ArcticZymes with “Biological Supplier of the Year”.

ArcticZymes was acknowledged for their engagement in multiple sales through regional, national and international offices, Just-in-time inventory, rapid response to non-forecasted demand and a year-on-year downward cost to Thermo Fisher.

Supplier Day 2014

From left: Mark O’Donnell (VP Global Operations), Svein Lien (CEO, Biotec Pharmacon), Tom Fenwick (Strategic Sourcing Manager), Peter Granick (VP Global Sourcing Thermo Fisher Scientific), and Wayne Woodward (VP Global Supply Chain).

“ArcticZymes has worked with Thermo Fischer for years through several of their entities. This award is a great recognition of ArcticZymes’ outstanding services and ability to adopt into new and demanding customer expectations. With this award we believe we can expand our relation to this important customer even further”, stated Svein Lien, CEO of Biotec Pharmacon and ArcticZymes.

ArcticZymes’ enzymes are included in numerous PCR kits for use in molecular biology and molecular diagnostics. Use of ArcticZymes’ heat labile and cold adapted enzymes has allowed for simplified practices, and has moved boundaries within diagnostics.