ArcticZymes AS Launches Two New IsoPol™ Polymerases

ArcticZymes today announced the expansion of their polymerase portfolio. The IsoPol™ SD⁺ and IsoPol™ BST⁺ deliver low temperature isothermal polymerases, one with increased strand displacement, and the second an improvement over existing Bacillus stearothermophilus available today.

IsoPol™ SD+ is a DNA polymerase with stronger strand displacement activity, and higher salt tolerance compared to ArcticZymes first IsoPolTM polymerase. IsoPol™ SD+ is available for shipment during January 2018.

IsoPol™ Bst+ is a polymerase with stronger strand displacement and higher salt tolerance compared to the thermostable Bst wild type. IsoPol™ SD+ will be available for shipment during first quarter 2018.

ArcticZymes strategy has been to innovate the next generation of polymerases to serve the unmet demands necessary to facilitate the development of novel molecular technologies. In combination with a variety of attractive features engineered into the enzymes ArcticZymes is able to offer a diverse range of unique IsoPol™ polymerases to its commercial partners and end users.

For more details about the IsoPol™ polymerase portfolio visit our technology page.

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