ArcticZymes launches first Ligase enzyme

ArcticZymes AS is pleased to announce the launch of its 1st Ligase in the market. ArcticZymes’ T4 DNA Ligase has been developed and manufactured under the same strict quality guidelines we apply to all of our enzymes in compliance with ISO 13485. T4 DNA Ligase catalyses the formation of phosphodiester bonds between juxtaposed 5’ phosphate and 3’ hydroxyl termini in duplex DNA or RNA.

ArcticZymes AS attention to quality is demonstrated in the alignment of production methodologies with our thorough quality control test and assays. Our rigorous quality control assays test for dsDNA endonuclease, ssDNA endonuclease, dsDNA exonuclease, ssDNA exonuclease, RNase, as well as E. coli gDNA. Additional QC testing may be offered on customer request.

Our introductory pack size is 250,000 Units. T4 DNA Ligase is also available in custom pack sizes and concentrations upon request.

T4 DNA Ligase is adaptable to DNA, RNA and some DNA/RNA hybrids. Applications include: joining restriction digested dsDNA (both blunt and cohesive ends), joining double-strand oligonucleotide linkers and adapters to dsDNA, and applications based on nick-repair and splint ligation.