ArcticZymes expands SAP and Cod UNG portfolio

ArcticZymes presents rSAP Glycerol-FREE and Cod UNG Triton-FREE. rSAP Glycerol-FREE becomes the fourth member of ArcticZymes’ glycerol-free product family, whereas the launch of Cod UNG Triton-FREE marks the first step towards maintaining a completely EU REACH compliant product portfolio after Triton X-100 becomes subject to authorisation in January 2021.

Glycerol-free formulations enable efficient lyophilization. Lyophilization of enzyme products helps overcome logistical challenges such as cold-chain distribution and storage, and limited product shelf-lives. Glycerol-free formulations are also preferable in highly automated processes, where the viscosity of high-glycerol formulations may pose challenges.

Triton X-100, a commonly used detergent across the life science industries, was included in Annex XIV of the EU REACH regulation in June 2017, with a “sunset date” set to January 4th 2021. Companies in the EU/EEC that wish to continue using Triton X-100 after the sunset date, will have to apply for authorisation unless the particular use is exempt. By launching Cod UNG Triton-FREE, ArcticZymes demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a REACH compliant product portfolio, and facilitates a smooth transition for our existing Cod UNG customers.