ArcticZymes establishes US subsidiary

ArcticZymes AS announced today the formation of ArcticZymes Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary located in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

ArcticZymes AS is a subsidiary of Biotec Pharmacon, focusing on enzymes for use in molecular biology and diagnostics.
“The formation of a U.S. based subsidiary is a key milestone for our company and our B2B and OEM customers in North America. Our intention is to facilitate our end users’ research by providing access to our products and technical support in an effective and productive manner,” said Jan Buch Andersen, Managing Director of ArcticZymes AS.
“Our enzymes originate from cold-living organisms in the Arctic Sea north of Norway. We offer unique solutions for contamination control, and eliminate sample loss through heat-inactivation as opposed to removing the enzyme through extraction. For our customers the absence of sample loss and unique contamination degrading properties of ArcticZymes enzymes means better signal to noise ratios and better consistency in the research and diagnostic PCR field”, says Andersen.
ArcticZymes AS has partnered with Percorso Life Sciences, LLC in Plymouth Meeting, PA to aide in the implementation and execution of the organizations’ operations and strategy in North America.
ArcticZymes Inc. is an operating entity as of today, and will provide customer service, technical sales, technical support, and product logistics to ArcticZymes’ customers in North America from Jan 12, 2012.