ArcticZymes AS Files New Enzyme Patent Application

Biotec Pharmacon subsidiary ArcticZymes AS has filed a priority application on a newly developed heat-labile endonuclease with outstanding properties.

This new endonuclease features optimal activity at extremely high salt concentrations and is irreversibly inactivated by very gentle heat-treatment conditions.

With this new enzyme it is for the first time possible to offer manufacturers and users of enzymes a convenient way to eliminate background noise from contaminating DNA and RNA. The contamination of enzymes in molecular biology is becoming a growing concern after it was initially noticed as an issue with TaqPolymerase, but with the new enzyme from ArcticZymes a solution is readily available.

In protein purification – a new market for ArcticZymes, the enzyme offers unprecendented convenience, as the nuclease digestion step can actually take place at low temperature, in standard protein buffer due to the high salt activity of the enzyme and the activity of the enzyme can be conveniently and irreversibly terminated by gentle heat-inactivation.

The heat-inactivation feature provides a simple workflow and an economic alternative to tedious and loss impairing methods for removal of the nuclease, and the high-salt activity makes it possible to access DNA and RNA tightly bound to proteins, so a new level of removal can be achieved.

Adding this patent application to the already large and strong portfolio of existing patent families protecting its main phosphatase, glycosylase and nuclease products, ArcticZymes has now further improved its strong proprietary position on this field.

“This latest patent application will undoubtedly position ArcticZymes AS strongly within the expanding contamination control market, and it will open new attractive markets for the company. The product covered by this patent application is exceptional in its efficacy and variety of application.” said Jan Buch Andersen, managing director of ArcticZymes AS. “With our present product and patent portfolio we are confident to establish a strong foothold within this and related markets.” he says.

ArcticZymes AS develops, produces and sells enzymes used in molecular DNA technologies and diagnostics. The market is highly expansive, and the rapid and diversifying technological development creates a strong market demand for new and improved enzymes.